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The 200GB Blue Ray Disc Completed! May 19, 2006

Posted by cbeech in News - Tech.

We’re all looking forward to the new Blue Ray disc technology set to come out in the next few months. The BR disc has a heck of a lot more space than your typical DVD, but as it turns out, the regular BR disc isn’t as big as they come. In fact, multiple layers allow the typical BR disc to transform in to a much more massive storage space. Company TDK has taken this concept to new heights by developing the 6 layer BR disc weeks before regular BR discs have been released!

The 6 layer Blue Ray disc relies on new technology that allows an incredible 33GB of space per layer! This results in a disc that reaches a previously unheard of size of roughly 200GB! The layers are stacked from top to bottom, and are covered with a 0.1 mm cover layer, followed by a hard coat layer. The hard coat layer will protect against dirt, scratches and other unwanted effects that we know all too well about. This makes perfect sense, as a 200GB disc will probably cost quite a bit, so you don’t want it to malfunction. The prototype disc has layers created from bismuth peroxide that is heated to an unimaginably hot 690 degrees Kelvin.

To put it nicely, this is going to be the most expensive disc in the world. With 200GB of space, you could easily fit all of your favorite shows and family movies. However, a problem arises. The typical recordable disc is burned once, and stays in this state forever; only a re-writable can be used again and again. Will you really know the minute that you’re burning what exactly you want on the disc? Now if a RW version of this disc was to come out, it would be the most expensive AND greatest disc in the industry.




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