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24.com Messenger July 7, 2006

Posted by cbeech in Adobe - Flash, Fun Stuff, News, News - Tech, Tech.

Finally done!! About time too! This is the official release of the instant messenger we’ve been working on for the past 6 months.
Please download guys and girls and let me know what u think!

Avaliable via: http://www.messenger.24.com
Will post more on my involvement in the project soon, so stay tuned 🙂

You can add me: chrisbeech@24.com


HTML/Flash Overlay component June 15, 2006

Posted by cbeech in Adobe - Flash.

The HTML Overlay component combines HTML seemlessly with Flash. Now you can add HTML content to your projects with one line of code. Just drag and drop the HTML Overlay component onto the stage, set the html and it’s ready to go. All the code has been written for you to be able to control it with ActionScript or JavaScript.

How it Works (taken from the help documentation)
In this section we refer to two components. One is the HTML Overlay component instance and the other is the HTML overlay element. The instance refers to the component instance on the Stage at design time. The element refers to a div element that we create when the HTML Overlay overlay() method is called. Once you call overlay method the html overlay instance becomes an html element (it can be controlled through ActionScript).

XRay – Flash Debugger May 4, 2006

Posted by cbeech in Adobe - Flash.
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Xray (The AdminTool) is a “snapshot viewer” of the current state of your Flash application without impacting the performance or the file size of your application. Xray’s true nature is to look into the very guts of the Flash application and disolve the 2d myth you see on screen to a 3D tangible entity you can truly crawl through. Definatly the best software i’ve found for Flash thus far! www.osflash.org/xray